Nexus OneがVodafone(UK)、Verizon(US)から発売か。


Exclusive: Google Nexus One to launch in April(

Google’s Nexus One, the company’s first own-brand mobile phone, will launch in the UK in April.


Nexus One hitting Verizon on March 23rd?(Mobile Crunch)

The last we heard the Nexus One was navigating its way through the FCC and Verizon was targeting a “Spring 2010″ launch. But now there’s a rumor floating around that states quite clearly that March 23, 2010 will be the launch date. Interesting…

Verizonって事はCDMAネットワークなわけだけれども、CDMA版のNexus Oneと思わしき端末が既にFCCの認可を受けていた。

Verizon-bound CDMA Google Nexus One passes the FCC?(Android Community)

日本ではSoftBankからの発売が噂されていますが、どうでしょう。気になります(^ ^)